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We aspire to regroup like-minded students interested by finance and allow them to meet, learn and exchange.
We aim to introduce students to finance by exposing its various sides through talks, conferences, games and workshops.
We want to help students bridge the gap between EPFL and the financial sector by allowing them to meet experts from academia and industry, and exposing them to career opportunities.
We want to build connections with other schools, universities and corporate partners to exchange and work together.
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Invest in your building to increase your income

This conference aims to introduce you to the specific features in your building that could increase the efficiency of the people working inside it. For that, we are honored to receive :

- Pr. Dusan Licina, professor at EPFL and leader of HOBEL - Human-Oriented Built Environment Lab - a laboratory specialized in the indoor environment. 
- Dr. Daniel Heine, Managing Director Private Debt of PATRIMONIUM, a Swiss-owned independent alternative asset management company active in real estate.


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L'irrationalité rationnelle des marchés financiers :
pourquoi est-ce un problème ?

Gilles Mitteau de la chaîne youtube Heur?reka s’est interrogé sur les raisons qui poussent ces acteurs à agir de manière non optimale selon les critères de la rationalité économique. Ceci lui a permis de mettre en évidence les conséquences problématiques de ces comportements pour les sociétés et les économies qui les sous-tendent.


imperfect solution

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