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The Finance Association aims to open the world of finance to EPFL students. To this end, we deemed it necessary to write a mini-series on Finance. This mini-series will try to calm minds in these times of crisis by bringing a certain understanding of our economies and finances. Above all, we will do one thing that you will appreciate: we will take an interest in your personal finances !.

We, as individuals, form the economy, but we suffer from it. Isn't it more reasonable to talk about personal finance before talking about corporate finance or finance at all? This is the thought that led us to undertake the writing of this mini-series.

Why will you read this mini-series? Well, because we'll help you get a better handle on your personal finances, which will take you away from some of your financial woes. You'll be more serene when you have your 3rd aperitif of the month at Sat.

"A beginning is a moment of extreme delicacy..."

Princess Irulan Corrino, first words of the film Dune,

David Lynch (1984)

With these beautiful words we will introduce our mini-series in its temporality.

We will present 13 articles on a weekly basis [ideally] and they will be grouped into 3 sections:

  • Section 1: Personal Finance (5 articles)

This section will consist of 5 articles that will take us from simple budgeting to the management of an insurance portfolio, through an explanation of the functioning of deposit banks (UBS, Credit Suisse...) with the theme of creating a bank account. We will wade a little in taxation with taxes, and we will also see the acquisition of property with the real estate loan.

  • Section 2: Corporate Finance (4 articles)

Given that some students will potentially have to create or work on start-ups, what could be better than to understand the workings of this type of finance.

So we will start with a little financial analysis, then we will discuss the investments and their gears. Then we will devote an article to explain the financial business plan of a start-up. And finally, one last one on the place of the employee in a company through the understanding of management control and the performance of a company.

  • Section 3: Financial Markets (4 articles)

This last section will focus on the stock market, the foreign exchange (forex) market and the commodities market. Beforehand, you will be introduced to investment psychology (with the help of the writings of Daniel kahneman and Benjamin Graham). The main thread of the section will be trading, which will be covered only superficially. Thus, you will no longer be blasé when your friends from HEC say that "Total represents 2.53% [1] of the French financial market".

We hope to count many of you among our readers.

The Finance Association


[1] Comprendre Toute la Finance, 3e  édition, Page 149

The 2020-2021 Writing team

Alaa (Left), Fadel (Middle), Natacha (Right)

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