Robo-advising, why your brain can’t trust them, and why you can’t trust it

Most people think they are in control of their thoughts, I mean how can you let anyone else know what you're thinking without telling them? This is perhaps one of the biggest lies advertisement companies would like you to think. In 2002 Daniel Kahneman became the first psychologist to have obtained the Nobel prize in economics for his ground laying work on behavioural economics. People seem to be unpredictable, yet we are…

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The Successful Failure

On September 12, 2012 Apple opened its doors to the market for the unveiling of their new iPhone 5. The public’s reaction was nothing short of madness, camping nights outside the store to be the first to try out this new “innovation”. Fast forward a few years and Apple’s stock price has risen from around $72.54 in (2012) to around $175.40 (2019). Since its release back in in 2007, Apple has sold…

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Game Theory: A Brief Introduction

  Game Theory   the analysis of strategies for dealing with competitive situations between two or more players All I do is win In the many games of life the old saying goes “Sometimes you win sometimes you lose”. What if you could always win, or at best avoid losing? This same question was posed by mathematician and Nobel prize winner John Nash. Answering it bloomed a new field of mathematics known…

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